There is a cluster of veins at the lowest part of the rectum and anus. Numerous conditions cause them to swell and become distended. This causes hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids make life miserable and irritating. They may be painful or painless depending upon the type of hemorrhoids one is suffering from. They cause inflammation and irritation on the skin and make a person restless. Hemorrhoids also cause bleeding with the bowel movements. What to do for hemorrhoids is easier than most people think. There are many ways through which one can relieve hemorrhoids. HemRid  is a herbal remedy, which has all herbal constituents and is effective for the relief of hemorrhoids.

Few precautions can help avoid hemorrhoids or reduce the pain and suffering if a person is already suffering from hemorrhoids. These include moderate aerobic exercises to stimulate bowel movements. A daily brisk walk is very useful for the body and helps avoid or reduce pain caused by hemorrhoids. Sleeping on the stomach with a pillow under the hips helps to decrease the swelling caused by hemorrhoids. For women suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, some bed rest will give them enough relief from the irritation and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. These little comfort measures result in huge benefits and provide relief from hemorrhoids.

Sitting for longer periods is also not advisable by most doctors. It exerts increased pressure on the lower part of the body. If you must sit for a longer period, use a pillow underneath. Sitting on a toilet seat for a long time and pushing too hard is also not good for hemorrhoids. Improve your sitting posture to reduce the amount of pressure that is required to be exerted during bowel movements. It is recommended that, if nothing happens after pushing hard for around 3-4 minutes, stand up and move around for a while until you feel the urge again. These necessary precautions will save you from extensive suffering caused by hemorrhoids. Cotton underwear prevents moisture from building up, which can cause irritation of hemorrhoids. This reduces the pressure on the anal region, which can cause or aggravate hemorrhoids.

Several home remedies can also be used for the relief of hemorrhoids. These include the sitz bath, where you need to sit in a few inches of warm water for a few minutes. The Sitz bath should be taken at least twice a day and the lower part of your body should be dried off properly with a damp cloth. Application of a cold compress is also one of the home remedies that can be used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Direct use of aloe vera gel on the affected area helps to provide relief from pain and gives a soothing sensation to the burning hemorrhoids. Sprinkling corn starch or baby powder on the anus helps absorb excessive moisture that creates trouble for hemorrhoids. Vitamin E oil is also very helpful for the cure of hemorrhoids. Apply the oil directly in the affected area to get relief from the pain.