Piles and Laughter- Match Made in Heaven

There is nothing funny about piles- it’s a painful disease. I needed something to deal with the itching, pain and embarrassment of my problem. I was stressed out and this is when I decided to stop whining and start laughing to get healthy. This would help me- at least with my mental health. By the way, piles are the same as hemorrhoids. So I started surfing the web for information on piles, and ended up with many jokes. You can listen to the rest of this humorous post or you can get the hemorrhoid releif you were looking for by visiting www.hemrid.com. They have the only proven hemorrhoids relief that you can take orally. I have been free of hemorrhoids for almost 8 months now. Before I used HemRid, I had pains on my backside at least once a week, so I know this stuff worked for me. I am so glad you made it to my site so that you can get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery. Never have surgery on hemorrhoids or piles. They come back worse than ever. So, I hope you visit HemRid after reading my post and get rid of hemorrhoids or piles once and for all! 

Ok so piles humor is funny- but only if you are not suffering from the disease. Being the butt of a gag isn’t so funny- it’s just painful. I think it was Dave Barry who said that if piles jokes stop being funny to you it means you are middle aged. It is very true. Piles jokes seem to be funny to people who aren’t suffering. But for people like me, they are insulting and painful. This was my attitude a few months; until I started learning to laugh at my own problems- I have been feeling better ever since.

So here is a little tip from me- go for laughter therapy. It certainly helps. It will start helping you mentally, and then physically as well. Here are some quotes to make you feel better:

1. If you are not piles, get off my butt
2. If you come any closer to my butt, you’ll be a hemorrhoid
3. It’s a bad idea to get confused between super glue and piles cream
4. People who suffer from piles do not play musical chairs

Laughter certainly is the best medicine for hemorrhoids, except that you can’t apply it on your butt, like a cream. Laughter acts like any aerobic exercise because it stretches your stomach muscles. You might have noticed having stomach ache after a hearty laugh.

Did you know laughing can make your heart beat go up to 120 times a minute. Laughter increases the flow of blood to the veins and lowers the blood pressure. It also helps your immune system. So your anal, abdominal and facial muscles get recharged, along with your diaphragm. Your butt also gets exercised as you laugh. This is probably the easiest treatment for piles.

And when you have a fit of laughter, your brain releases endorphins that are natural painkillers. They are like drugs that can numb the pain. So it’s almost like taking opium or morphine, but you do not feel the adverse effects of these drugs. And you wouldn’t get addicted to laughter- even if you do- it’s all good!

I’m going on and on about laughing, but believe me, when it comes to piles, it is best to laugh it out instead of being the butt of the joke. There might be a reason why adults generally suffer from piles. Children laugh about 400 times each day, while adults laugh hardly 15 times each day.

Laughing is good, and it is contagious. There are laugher clubs in different countries in India. There are many such clubs in the U.S. as well.
There are many clubs that combine laughter with jogging. These clubs say ha ha, ho ho loudly and raise their hands over their heads- this helps them laugh easily.

Exercising helps piles problems directly as well. In many cases, piles symptoms show up because people do not get enough exercise. They sit on their office chairs and do not move a lot. So if you exercise, you will feel that your piles problem is slowly going away.

And if you want instant relief from piles, you can try HemRid. It really worked on me- it is all natural and does not cause any side effects. So this might be the second best remedy for piles, with the first one being laughter.

Let me end this post with a few piles jokes:

A couple gets on the bus and sits opposite an old man. The woman looks restless so the man asks her what’s wrong. She said she has a headache, so he kisses her head. Next she says her hand hurts, so he kisses her hand. She then says her eyes are hurting, so the man kisses her eyes. The old man is seeing all this, and he speaks up ‘I have piles, can you cure that too?’

And another one…
Q. What is the major accomplishment of a blond surgeon? 
A. A hemorrhoid transplant

Kiss piles goodbye- keep laughing and stay healthy.