Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in or on the anus caused mostly by OUR own bad habits!  They can be extremely painful, and hemorrhoids can lead to other serious problems if left untreated.  I have battled hemorrhoids throughout my life enough to..........well write my own blog about it!    I hope you can find my information and links very useful.  There are a few cures, but DO NOT have them surgically removed.  Hemorrhoids will come back worse than ever before due to the scar  tissue from having them cut out. Also, you have to remember that unless you change your bad habits, you are only fixing the problem temporarily. HemRid is the best remedy for hemorrhoids, and they even give you a 120 day money back guarantee. That was my deciding factor. Although HemRid will cure them, you still have to make sure new ones do not emerge.

   Hemorrhoids are mostly caused by these bad habits:
  •  Bad Eating Habits are where it all begins.  First, go back to the basics of the Food Pyramid. Check it out here if you can't remember what your body actually needs in order to regulate the digestive system.  http://www.mypyramid.gov/pyramid/index.html. Hemorrhoids are caused by bad eating habits such as overeating and starchy foods.  If you are like me, you love food and cannot leave a single bit of food on your plate.  You scarf it all down although you are already full and you know you shouldn't but you just can't help yourself.  A little trick I learned is to drink two full glasses of water before you eat a meal so that you can trick your stomach into thinking it is full, therefore eating less and controlling your bad habit of overeating.  Your stomach can only digest so much at a time, so limit yourself if you want to cure hemorrhoids.         
  • Constipation may seem normal to some.  After all everyone has been constipated before and that means it is just a normal occurrence, right?  WRONG! There are a few reasons constipation occurs. Constipation mostly  occurs from our daily routines such as work that in return can cause stress. Stress can make your digestive system do some funky things.  For instance, if you were going for a job interview and you were really nervous, your stomach will either tighten up and cause diarrhea due to the acid going into overdrive, or it will cause tension and make you tighten all of your muscles including the rectum in which you are pushing stool back into the colon.  Constipation also occurs from bad eating habits.  If you eat too much starch (potatoes, rice, white bread, noodles, etc.) it can cause your stool to harden and apply pressure to the blood vessels in your anus ultimately causing internal hemorrhoids. Constipation also occurs from lack of water. Drink as much water throughout the day as possible especially with meals.  How else is your food supposed to slide down the pipes after it is digested?  Most people drink soda and sweet tea which contain tons of sugar that contributes to constipation.  I'm not saying that you can't eat or drink any of the "good stuff." I'm just saying that you need to limit yourself in order to cure hemorrhoids and have guidelines for your hemorrhoid treatment.  The hardest part about constipation relief is remembering to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Also, one thing you need to know about hemorrhoids and constipation........constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids  cause constipation.  What I mean is that hemorrhoids swell when you have pressure on the blood vessels from the hard stool (the hard stool is from constipation from bad eating habits).  Because internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids swell at the anus, the swollen blood vessels make it extremely difficult to have a bile movement.  Constipation can be avoided simply by drinking plenty of water throughout the day and with meals, staying away from the starchy foods, and increasing your intake of fiber.
  • Diarrhea has a few causes.  Stress, acidic foods, sickness(flu, E.coli, etc.), and IBS(Irritable Bile Syndrome). Diarrhea causes internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids to inflame due to the excessive loose bile continuously exiting the anus in a short time frame.  Diarrhea mostly irritates external hemorrhoids.  Also note that excessive wiping can really irritate hemorrhoids.  If you can't control the stress in your life, and you know that it is the source of your diarrhea, then maybe you should talk to a doctor about available medicines you can be prescribed to in order to control the stress.  Do not get on any medicine for the diarrhea unless absolutely necessary.  Remember that if you get on medicines for your digestive problems, you will only be fixing it temporarily.  There are external hemorrhoid treatments, but never have surgery unless the hemorrhoids are extreme.  And even then, do your research on the best hemorrhoid treatments available.  So, control your intake of acidic foods, and control your stress on an everyday basis.  
  • Low Fiber may just be the problem when it comes to internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.  Low fiber in your diet causes constipation, and unless you increase the fiber in your diet, you will never be free of constipation.  You need a high fiber diet to maintain and cure hemorrhoids.  Start increasing fiber intake by eating a salad before a meal, eating an apple as a snack instead of a candy bar, eating baked beans as a side instead of mac and cheese or mashed potatoes.  Just remember to drink plenty of water while eating a high fiber snack or meal.  Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids can be cured if you stay on a high fiber diet and stay away from starchy foods.  
Types of Hemorrhoids  

  •  Internal Hemorrhoids are inside the anus and cannot be seen except by a doctor with some special instruments(can't remember the name of it).  They can cause severe constipation and muscle spasms in the rectum.  There are cures for internal hemorrhoids, but they seem to come back later in life.  Other medical sites state that internal hemorrhoids are painless, but I disagree.  Maybe the hemorrhoids themselves don't hurt, but the problems from having them hurt like hell!  Trust me, I know.  There are temporary fixes if they hurt bad enough. Suppositories are an over the counter medicine that you insert into the anus which will dissolve and shrink the hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids.  The only problem with suppositories is that when you continuously insert one in the anus every day, you will irritate the internal and external hemorrhoids causing inflammation and more pain.  Internal hemorrhoids seem to be the hardest type of hemorrhoid to cure.  But they can be maintained by having those good eating habits I described above.  Keep the stool soft for at least six weeks in order to cure internal hemorrhoids. If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids for good, try HemRid. It is the only proven hemorrhoids relief out there. I used it for a few days and I could not believe how fast they went away. No discomfort at all. I was a little upset with my doctor that I had seen for years because he only suggested surgery as an option. He told me that he can't legally give an herbal medicine as an option. You know why? Because it is so much cheaper than doctors visits and surgery. Wow, our government.......... 
  • External hemorrhoids are on the outside of the anus and they can be a real pain in the butt!  You can't get comfortable sitting, laying down, or even standing up.  External hemorrhoids mostly hurt when sitting down for long periods at a time and after a bowel movement.  Straining while doing the #2 can really irritate hemorrhoids, so avoid straining.  If necessary, take stool softeners for a more natural bowel movement.  By the way, external hemorrhoids are not the same as prolapsed hemorrhoids. Don't worry, there is a hemorrhoids relief for external hemorrhoids too. HemRid is the relief for external hemorrhoids also. If you go to www.hemrid.com, they have packages from mild to severe for hemorrhoids relief. I have been hemorrhoid free now for about 8 months. Trust me, this stuff works.  After you place an order, just come thank me. I would love that!