Internal Hemorrhoids- Identification and Cure

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Hemorrhoids are hard to spell, but easy to find. Many times they stick out of the place that shares its name with the 7th planet of the solar system. But those are external ones. In this post, I’m going to discuss the problem of internal hemorrhoids.

The internal ones are itchy, painful, and they feel awkward. But since they are in there, they mostly go unnoticed. They are actually nothing but swollen veins in the anal lining, and they are quite common. I’m sure you have noticed many commercials about hemorrhoid pain relieving products- so it’s quite obvious that a lot of people suffer from them. By the time people will reach 50, about half of them would be suffering from hemorrhoids.

If you aren’t a sufferer, hemorrhoids will cause laughter. But what causes them? Well there are many reasons. While not taking a good and proper fibrous diet may be attributed as one of the reasons, another one can be congenital weakness in veins.  In ladies, childbirth can also lead to hemorrhoids, and then there are many types of strains that we face in daily life. Yes that’s right- emotional ups and downs can also have an effect down there.

But more often than not, it’s the modern diet that is the culprit. It is loaded with refined and junk foods and does not contain the much needed fiber. This generally leads to constipation, and can give rise to hemorrhoids.

If you think you’re going to die of pain, you can heave a sigh of relief- internal hemorrhoids aren’t life threatening. In fact, many people who suffer from them do not even show full symptoms, while some people show the typical symptoms of bloody feces. If an inflamed and swollen hemorrhoid is forced outside the anus during defecation, it is known as a protruding hemorrhoid. And when you have hemorrhoids, it is difficult to rub or clean the anus. It can aggravate the irritation and start a new cycle of symptoms.

If you are planning to ignore them, I have news for you- ignorance of internal hemorrhoids can lead to prolapsed hemorrhoids. It can even lead to strangulated hemorrhoids. If you are wondering what a prolapsed hemorrhoid is, prepare to draw a graphic mental image- it is an obtruding internal hemorrhoid that sticks out of the anus, even if the anus is closed. Can you see the chain of progression- from internal to protruding to prolapsed? It’s best not to ignore them and to get proper treatment.

If you aren’t scared enough, let me continue. The final stage would be strangulated hemorrhoids. This occurs when the sphincter tries to get rid of the irritant and becomes spastic. The spasms cut off blood supply to hemorrhoid veins, and strangle them.

And there is so much help for hemorrhoids that you don’t have to live in agony anymore. You might have tried everything and are still disappointed. In that case, let me suggest HemRid to you. It is not just any oral remedy- it is all natural and is made of all the herbs known for relieving hemorrhoids. You can also use a cream for application on the ‘affected area’ to ease the pain.

Ever heard of Banov grading system? It weighs the severity of hemorrhoids. I wonder who is or was Banov, and I’m sure his name being associated with hemorrhoids wouldn’t have made him the happiest guy. Anyway, under this measurement, hemorrhoids are given a ranking from 1 to 4.

So here is how you can grade your precious hemorrhoids:

•    Grade 1 hemorrhoids are not protruding- they are completely internal.
•    Grade 2 hemorrhoids protrude out of the anus while defecation, but they shrink back later and go to the original position.
•    Grade 3 hemorrhoids must be squeezed inside after defecation is complete.
•    Grade 4 hemorrhoids need surgery because they become completely external and cannot be squeezed inside.

And there are yet more reasons for internal hemorrhoids- diarrhea, chronic constipation, obesity, hypertension, poor posture, poor muscle tone, and pregnancy. If you take too much caffeine or alcohol, it can aggravate hemorrhoids.

There are many treatments and many of them provide instant relief. But if you want to say goodbye to hemorrhoids once and for all, it’s best that you follow healthy living practices.