Suffering from hemorrhoids was a very painful experience for me.  The first thing I did when my physician diagnosed it was a ton of research on my PC. I wanted to know how long it would take for hemorrhoids to heal. I also wanted to know what caused the hemorrhoids and what precautions were necessary to get rid of them, and also what could trigger it. All this information was great and was a huge factor in helping me get rid of hemorrhoids. I found various treatment methods for treating these monsters. Among all those, herbal medicines and home remedies are considered to be safer and milder. Home remedies use products from the home for the relief of hemorrhoids and herbal remedies such as HemRid are made of herbs that help in the fix of hemorrhoids. HemRid is definitely my favorite solution because they give you a full refund if your hemorrhoids are not fixed.  To read more about HemRid, click here.
The cure for hemorrhoids depends on a number of factors. Many things can cause trouble in their healing process and may lengthen the process. Necessary precautions will facilitate the healing process and will make recovery possible in lesser time. These include a fiber rich diet that helps to keep the stools smooth and helps to avoid constipation.  Constipation and hard stools worsens the hemorrhoids and may cause problems in the recovery process. A regular diet helps to maintain regular bowel movements that help to avoid exertion of pressure on the rectal region.
The number of times you have already been a victim of hemorrhoids also plays a vital role in the healing of hemorrhoids. I discovered that the more you get hemorrhoids, the greater the time of recovery will be. If this is the first time you are suffering from hemorrhoids, it can go away in a few days. But in case you are a regular victim of hemorrhoids, it can take weeks or more to go away. The number and size of hemorrhoids also vary from small and one to larger and many. If the hemorrhoids are not noticed at the initial stages, they may increase in size and multiply in number. The time of recovery increases for multiple and bigger hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids can also be external or internal. Internal hemorrhoids are located along the inside lining of the rectum and are usually less painful.  External hemorrhoids are located under the skin around the anus and cause immense pain and itching. Internal hemorrhoids and simple external hemorrhoids can have full relief in a week’s time using the same remedy mentioned above. A prolapsed internal hemorrhoid may take a couple of months to go away if no supplement such as HemRid is taken. Complicated external hemorrhoids can take two to three months or more to heal. The treatment time also varies in accordance with the treatment strategy you choose. Just stay on a high fiber diet if you are constipated, and avoid diarrhea at all costs while taking whatever herbal products you choose, and recovery will be faster.
After diagnosis, it is very important that the correct treatment is started as soon as possible. Home cures and herbal medicines are very useful for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but consultation with a physician is very important if you don't know for certain it is a hemorrhoid.