The first question a person suffering from hemorrhoids will have in mind is that for how long they will have to suffer from it. In order to get rid of hemorrhoids in minimum possible time, it is important to have some information regarding hemorrhoids, its causes and symptoms. Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins in the anal area of a person. These can be external or internal and cause itching and pain. Hemorrhoids may also cause bleeding or form hard lumps in the rectal region. It makes a person restless and irritated. Timely efforts for the relief of hemorrhoids can help in early recovery from this irritating problem. The best relief is HemRid , an all natural solution taken orally to heal piles from the inside. 

The length of time that hemorrhoids take to heal is dependent on a number of factors. Depending on those factors the recovery time of a person suffering from hemorrhoids varies.
Size of hemorrhoids
In case of external hemorrhoids, initially hemorrhoids are small. But as it is not noticed by many people at earlier stages it may become bigger or multiply in number. The more and the bigger a hemorrhoid is, the more time it will take to get cured.

Type of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids may be internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are inside the rectum and cannot be felt. They usually do not cause pain and are discovered by bleeding along with the bowel movements. They can either be prolapsed or may also protrude through the anus. External hemorrhoids are under the skin around the anus. A swollen external hemorrhoid can be felt and causes itching and pain and also causes bleeding. When the blood within the veins clots and severe pain is experienced, it is known as thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Simple external or internal hemorrhoid can be cured in seven days. In case the internal hemorrhoid becomes prolapsed it may take two months or more to heal. A thrombosed external hemorrhoid also takes up to three months to heal. These time periods are subject to the treatment strategies adopted for their cure.

Experience with hemorrhoids
One of the factors that you will be required to consider to find an answer to your question, “How long do hemorrhoids last?” is the number of times you have had hemorrhoids. For those who have got it for the first time it will be easier to get rid of it in a few days time. As your encounter with such experiences increases, it starts getting worse. It becomes difficult and requires more time than before to get it cured. Once you become a usual victim of hemorrhoids, it will ordinarily last two weeks or more.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy
Pregnancy is also one of the few major causes of hemorrhoids. Women facing hemorrhoids during pregnancy may try home remedies for getting relief in the itching and pain caused by hemorrhoids. But their problem will last till the completion or their pregnancy period. Their hemorrhoids will go away after the nine months are over.

Lifestyle changes
Hemorrhoids can go away in a few days if care is taken to avoid the conditions causing hemorrhoids. Unhealthy eating habits may cause disturbances in the intestinal tract thereby causing hemorrhoids. Appropriate diet, fiber rich food and intake of adequate water helps to get rid of hemorrhoids in lesser time. There are certain home remedies that can also be used to get oneself cured from hemorrhoids. A proper exercise routine also helps to maintain a fit and healthy body with normal bowel movements and prevents the trouble caused by hemorrhoids.

Precautions are always useful to avoid any kind of problems. These may help to reduce the suffering caused by hemorrhoids.