Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins in the lower part of rectum around the anus. The increased pressure on the rectum during pregnancy, or due to straining during bowel movements results in hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids may be internal and not visible or they can be external also. They may be prolapsed, or protrude through the anus or even be thrombosed. Different kinds of treatments may be used to get rid of hemorrhoids depending on the type and severity of hemorrhoids. Herbal and homemade remedies are more preferred as they are safe and do not leave negative effects. HemRid is a product of herbal ingredients and is very useful for the relief of hemorrhoids.
There are many conditions that give rise to hemorrhoids. Knowledge of them is essential to find an immediate cure to this nuisance and avoid it for good. Pregnancy is said to be one of the major reasons of hemorrhoids. Lots of pressure is exerted on the lower part of the body during pregnancy. This increased straining leads to hemorrhoids. If you get hemorrhoids during pregnancy, they will not go away for the remaining period of the pregnancy. Thus if you get hemorrhoids during pregnancy, it will come with a nine month package. In order to avoid hemorrhoids at the time of delivery, you will need to do lots of exercises during the initial days of pregnancy.
Your posture on the toilet seat also plays a vital role in getting hemorrhoids. An incorrect posture leads to the exertion of greater pressure during bowel movements, which causes hemorrhoids. The correct posture is to sit straight in the normal manner and raise your feet on tiptoes. Then move forward with elbows on knees and put a little effort. This position reduces the pressure on the anal region thereby reducing the chances of hemorrhoids. 
Constipation is another major cause of hemorrhoids. Excessive pressure is applied during bowel movements when a person is suffering from constipation. Straining too hard to let the hard stool pass during constipation leads to swelling of the veins in the lower part of rectum and anus and causes hemorrhoids. Sitting on the toilet seat and pushing hard for longer periods is not healthy. You should stand up and walk around for a while of the stool is not coming out. Try again only when you feel the urge again. This will help reduce the strain which results in hemorrhoids.
Wiping the anal region harder and for a longer period of time also causes hemorrhoids. The use of a soft and damp cloth that absorbs well is advisable when you need to wipe off the anal region. Too much wiping is also involved when a person is suffering from diarrhea. Therefore, it can also be considered as one of the reasons that cause hemorrhoids. The stool is too messy during diarrhea and requires extensive wiping, which may result in hemorrhoids. Healthy food and necessary cleansing precautions before eating help avoid diarrhea and thus save from hemorrhoids.
Lifting heavy weights also exerts pressure on the rectum and may cause hemorrhoids.  Obesity may also cause hemorrhoids. If you are overweight, you are constantly carrying your weight whenever you stand, run or even sit. When seated, your entire body weight exerts pressure on the anal region. 
You need to lose those extra pounds in order to remain safe and secure from hemorrhoids. Herbal remedies are a secure method of getting rid of hemorrhoids. An herbal product like HemRid contains one hundred percent herbal ingredients and relieves hemorrhoids without leaving any side effects on the user’s health and body.