Being pregnant with hemorrhoids is awful for many women because they are unable to get comfortable. Pregnant women have the highest potential to get hemorrhoids because of the constant pressure on the anal region. Creams such as Preparation H really do not help, especially with internal hemorrhoids. Pregnant women also need to be careful of what medicines are applied, and ingested for hemorrhoids, because the baby can be affected. The best way to stop the hemorrhoids from hurting is to purchase the Hemaway toilet seat. It is a fairly new hemorrhoid treatment that allows the hemorrhoid to go back inside the anus by positioning the body correctly. It was featured on the hit TV show called 'The Doctors'. I find that this is perfect for pregnant women with hemorrhoids, because there is no danger involved for the baby. Although this method works while you are pregnant and while you are breast feeding, it will not cure hemorrhoids. HemRid  is the method I recommend for the relief of hemorrhoids. Only take HemRid if you are finished breastfeeding. There have not been enough studies on pregnant women to show if it is safe or not. However it is 100% safe otherwise. 

Preventing hemorrhoids during pregnancy

First, you need to avoid constipation at all costs. Constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids. Due to frequent eating while pregnant, constipation can occur. Second, try to eat less starchy foods and more high fiber foods. Also, drink plenty of water so that the stool can stay soft. Never strain while having a bowel movement. Perform Kegel exercises to help increase blood flow to the lower region of the body. Try your best to avoid sitting for long periods at a time. 

There are tons of hemorrhoid solutions on the web that claim instant relief, but as a former sufferer myself, I know of only HemRid to relieve hemorrhoids for good, and Hemaway to stop the pain immediately. If you suffer horribly from hemorrhoids, try both at the same time. If you try both, please contact me and let me know how well it worked for you. If you are pregnant with hemorrhoids and you know of other ways to heal them that are cheaper and work better, please let me know so that I can post it on my site. Good luck and God bless!