Hemorrhoid Cures for the Old and Restless

The age old problem of paining, itching and burning in the alien probe area might have a lot of cures, but none of them worked on you properly- and this is why you are on this page. For starters, you can try some soothing and relieving herbal hemorrhoid remedies like HemRid  to make you feel better in just a week. HemRid also offers solutions that you take orally. I had internal hemorrhoids which are the hardest to cure, and I ordered the best package HemRid had to offer. I was amazed that it actually worked since it was so cheap and doctors had never even mentioned it. Supposedly they are the only proven hemorrhoids fix out there, but I am sure there are more just waiting to be found. But if it works, it works.

I’m sure you have tried a lot of things- maybe even visited a doc or two, but still haven’t found the thing you are looking for. If traditional hemorrhoid cures don’t help you, I will discuss an alternative medicinal practice here.

Have you tried homeopathy yet? If you answered ‘huh’, then FYI, it’s an alternative system of curing various diseases. And sometimes, when traditional medicines can’t help you, alternative ones surprisingly do. I know a guy who had Grade 1 hemorrhoids and they’re gone now- thanks to homeopathy. 

Let’s discuss some homeopath hemorrhoid cures. Since these cures are safe, you can easily try them.

•    Aloe
Aloe is known for its softening properties. It can help the anal area with bleeding and soreness. Apart from that, there is a constant ‘heavy’ feeling down there when you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Aloe helps reduce that heaviness.

•    Apis Mellifica
If you want some instant relief, and are looking for something that you can apply directly over ‘there’, then you can use this medicine. It comes from honey bees, so it cancels out the burning sensation. It might seem unbelievable, but this is how homeopathy works- diamond cuts diamond.

•    Calendula
This is a homeopathic ointment, and it works wonders on the area it is applied. If you have ruptured hemorrhoids (ouch!), this will soothe them. It is also used for open wounds, along with parts that do not heal, or ulcers etc. It promotes healthy healing process along with healthy granulation.

•    Collinsonia Canadensis 
Also known as stone root, it is used to relieve itching during pregnancy, or the itching of anus. If you feel as if someone’s poking sharp sticks over there, or if you have extremely dry stools along with obstinate constipation, then this will provide you the much needed relief. 

•    Graphite
Graphite, or black lead, helps in getting rid of constipation, burning hemorrhoids and anal fissures. It is among the best hemorrhoid cures. Graphite is generally needed by overweight people who have difficulty in concentrating and they develop skin fissures.

•    Nitricum Acidum
Also called nitric acid, this will relieve the intense straining of constipation when bowel evacuation becomes tough, and there are violent pains in the rectal area. It also helps in profusely bleeding hemorrhoids.

•    Nux Vomica
It is also known as poison nut. Not a very appealing name, but it can cure the pain and itching of hemorrhoids. If you also feel ineffectual urging, chronic constipation and constriction in rectal area, this herb will cure you. This hemorrhoid cure is used on people who are tensed, impatient and irritable, plus the people who use stimulants, alcohol, drugs or strong foods.

•    Paeonia Officinalis
This is also called peony, and it is great for curing hemorrhoids, fissures, general itching, and anus ulcers. It is an effective hemorrhoid cure and you can take it in small doses.

•    Pulsatilla
This is one of the hemorrhoid cures that are especially meant for women. This helps in hemorrhoids that crop up during menstrual cycles or pregnancy. They might protrude and if you live in a warm area, they will pester you more.

•    Sulphur
This is the last homeo hemorrhoid cure that I’m going to mention. This works great for itchy redness around the rectal area that also has burning sensation. For hemorrhoids that feel full and exert pressure on the abdomen, sulphur can work wonders. If you are a ‘sulphur person,’ bathing and warmth will make you feel worse.

All these homeopathic medicines can be very effective as hemorrhoid cures but it is best to consult a homeopath doctor before you take them. You can also try some over the counter herbal remedies like HemRid.

There are many ways to save you from nasty ouches. All you need is a bit of knowledge. A lot of experimentation will also come in handy since you have to rely on the hit and trial method to find the right cure for your problem.