Fast Relief from Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are one of the most common conditions affecting millions of people. Even though people rarely admit it, this is a common source of pain and discomfort for many. If you have had the bad luck of suffering from hemorrhoids, you must have also experienced the burning pain and constant pressure associated with hemorrhoids. No matter what type of oral or topical remedies you take for relief, nothing works better than HemRid and cold compresses for relief from hemorrhoids. Physicians prescribe many different medications for treatment of hemorrhoids. For alternative methods, HemRid has proven to be an extremely effective relief supplement and offers zero side effects.
Common symptoms of hemorrhoids

It occurs due to swelling of the veins and tissues in the region of the anus. The symptoms most commonly observed include bleeding, itching, and pain in the anal region. Hemorrhoids tend to worsen with time so any delay or negligence on your part may result in serious consequences such as extreme bleeding of hemorrhoids. 
Bleeding from hemorrhoids

Bleeding from hemorrhoids can also be caused by prolapsed hemorrhoids. This condition is caused by blood clotting in the external hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoids are a cause of great concern due to their positioning which can easily get them further torn and wounded. This may lead to excessive bleeding and may even cause scarring in the rectal region.
Bleeding hemorrhoids are often very painful as they are actually laceration i.e. they are cuts in the anal region’s tissues. They may even get infected, which increases the pain and worsens the situation. Due to this, more strain and pressure is applied on the tissues and veins, making the bowel movement a nightmare.  The fastest way to reduce the bleeding is by applying cold compresses to the region.
Disposable compresses and packs

If you’re condition becomes unbearable, conventional medications may not provide you the instant relief that you are hoping for. Instead of buying some over-the-counter drugs, get yourself some disposable ice packs or cold compresses. Application of compresses on the affected region will provide you with instant relief for the time being. This will also help to reduce the amount of bleeding. The only drawback is that these compresses may seem expensive to you as they are only meant for single use. You can make your own cold compresses as home by means of ice wrapped in a clean handkerchief. 
Cryotherapy for treating hemorrhoids

Treating hemorrhoids through cryotherapy is an effective way to reduce bleeding, inflammation, and pain. Cryotherapy also helps to reduce the size of hemorrhoids. The procedure is carried out by means of inserting a probe inside the anal region. This probe cures the condition by freezing the hemorrhoids. As a result of this procedure, the condition is completely cured. You may experience some pain immediately after the procedure which gradually recedes in a week or two. The biggest advantage this therapy has to offer is that there are zero chances of recurring hemorrhoids after the treatment. 
Cryotherapy at home

For cryotherapy at home, freeze ice in the shape of small fingers or very narrow cubes. Apply the ice to the affected area for 30 seconds. This is an effective way to reduce the pain and bleeding. You can also buy devices made for home cryotherapy easily available at most stores.
The intensity of pain caused by hemorrhoids may range from mild to severe. If you are one of the unlucky ones who suffer from intense pain and inflammation then you should immediately apply cold compresses for relief from hemorrhoids. It is an effective, safe, and cost-effective way for treatment of hemorrhoids. However, it is far much easier to prevent hemorrhoids by adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking a healthy diet then to treat hemorrhoids.

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