If you look for places to hide for some privacy so that you can scratch your anal area, then it might be hemorrhoids. If you see blood on the toilet paper, it is a sure shot sign of hemorrhoids. Your friends might joke about it, but it’s not funny. They aren’t just painful and annoying, they are also very embarrassing. Talk to a chronic hemorrhoid sufferer and you’ll know that it is indeed a very excruciating situation.

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If you are suffering from external hemorrhoids, you should avoid some common mistakes that people make not knowing their effects. Here are some mistakes (make sure you are not the one making them).

1.    Being lazy
If your job involves sitting for most of the time, it can lead to hemorrhoids because sitting creates pressure in the anal area. Sitting for long results in external hemorrhoids. If you are pregnant and you sit for long periods, or if you are constipated and you sit for long, then you can easily get hemorrhoids. 
If your job is to stay fixed in the office chair, make sure you take breaks in between and stretch out a bit. This will improve the blood flow, and will reduce the problem.

2.    Processed food
Ok so we all gorge out once in a while, but regular eating of junk and processed food isn’t good for our health and we know it. Processed food generally results in hard stools and this causes problems in the digestive system. This leads to constipation, and further intensifies to form external hemorrhoids. So if you do not want external piles to be added to your life, stay away from too much processed food. And if you are already suffering, reduce the amount of processed foods.

3.    Synthetic medicines and creams
If you are using synthetic medicine, it is no better than processed foods. Too much of anything is bad- especially if it is not natural. If you are taking any thing for external hemorrhoids, make sure it is natural. HemRid is a natural remedy that you can take orally. It uses herbs that are famous for being anti hemorrhoid. Sometimes synthetic medicines and creams do nothing, but only aggravate the condition.

Take notice of your daily life and see if you are committing these three mistakes. Due to the modern lifestyle, we mostly overlook the rules of healthy living and land up with many diseases, including hemorrhoids.

And now let’s talk a bit about treatment for external hemorrhoids. The reason why people suffer from them is because there are only a few brave souls who gather enough courage to talk about them to get treatment. Most of them are looking for a cure without telling others. Yes it is embarrassing, but unless you talk it out, you won’t get cured.

Suffering in silence is illogical, and so here are some logical cures that you can follow to ease the pain.

Cold treatment
You can use cold water to ease the pain. It will give temporary relief, but still- relief is relief. It doesn’t have to be ice- it can be frozen bag of veggies, or a pack full of cold water. If this treatment passes your hygiene standards then you should follow it. You can also place items in the fridge for this purpose. For example, take a rag and place it in the fridge. This cold rag can help you ease the pain.

It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but when you have a problem, you must deal with it. You can use a separate cold rag or an ice bag for this purpose. It might seem a bit awkward, but a problem needs a solution.

Partial bath
Fill a tub half with water, and sit in it. It doesn’t have to reach up to your body- it should just cover your hemorrhoids. When you use this method, the anal area will be cleaned and you wouldn’t have to use dry toilet paper that worsens the matters. But the water should not be too cold. Light warm water is enough to heal and clean the area.
This process will soften the hemorrhoids and will give you a daily activity. Once hemorrhoids get less severe, and begin to go away, you can take on a more aggressive approach.

Apart from these methods, also make sure that there is no constant pressure on the anal area. There- now don’t keep reading it. Go and relieve yourself from the pain.