From Head to Butt- Everything about Hemorrhoids

You know how the daily life is… wake up, get ready, visit the proctologist… well, not for everybody. But if this is your lifestyle, you need to change it. 

Are you suffering from hemorrhoids? Let’s start with the basics about them.

Hemorrhoids are basically inflamed and swollen veins in the rectal and anal area. But you’ve got to have them to feel them. Talking about them is easy. Laughing about them is even easier. But having them is a lot of pain. People fix hemorrhoids these days simply from eating more fiber and using HemRid , the most famous hemorrhoids remedy around at the moment. But before that, it’s very important to know if they are really hemorrhoids or something else.

So how do you know that you have hemorrhoids and not any other pain in the butt?
Here are some common symptoms of hemorrhoids:

1.    The most common symptom is noticing blood as you defecate. Internal hemorrhoids are generally not painful, but prolapsed hemorrhoids can cause discomfort, itching and pain.
2.    Other symptoms are itching and irritation that can get worse as you rub or clean around the anal area.

Though this disease is painful, and extremely uncomfortable in public, the good part is that it is not life threatening. Some people do not show symptoms at all, while for some people, symptoms appear, but go away soon. And with most of them, symptoms come to stay.

And hemorrhoids are super common, so you aren’t the only one. About 75% people will suffer from hemorrhoids at one point or another. The most common age to suffer from them is from 45 to 65. They are also commonly found in pregnant women.

What causes hemorrhoids?
As I mentioned earlier, hemorrhoids are caused by swelling in the anal veins. There are many reasons for this swelling, like
•    Diarrhea or chronic constipation
•    Straining during defecation
•    Staying on the seat for long intervals of time
•    Improper diet that lacks fiber
•    Weakening of tissues in the rectal area- this happens with old age
•    Pregnancy

If hemorrhoids are caused by pregnancy, then they will vanish after childbirth. But if you are a guy, you shouldn’t be worried about this cause-well, because of obvious reasons.

How are they diagnosed?
Your proctologist will examine your anal area, and this is the reason why most people do not visit the doctor for hemorrhoids. Since hemorrhoid symptoms are similar to other anal problems like abscesses, fissures, polyps and warts, there are other methods to determine if you have hemorrhoids.

Ok let’s get ready for the rainbow colored mental images while you are there with the doc.
Firs the doc will do a physical check to find visible hemorrhoids. He will use a digital rectal tool along with a lubricated gloved finger that will go up you-know-where. It will also involve the use of an anoscope which is a lighted tube, slim enough to enter your passageway.

If you ever notice bleeding from your rectal area, you must show it your doctor. Though strong chances are that it’s just hemorrhoids, but it can also be colorectal cancer, so you must visit your doc.

Apart from all the pretty exams mentioned above, there are more tests to confirm the disease, especially if you are 40 years of age or above.

In this test, a lighted flexible tube (known as colonoscope) is inserted in there, and the tube sends the inside images to the computer screen.

This is quite similar to the colonoscopy procedure, but they use a shorter tube (whew). This tube is called sigmoidoscope and it sends images of the lower part of the colon.

Barium enema
Barium is a contrast material and it is inserted in there to make colon easily visibly in the x-ray images.

How are they treated?
There are many at-home and at-doc’s clinic treatments for hemorrhoids. I have discussed many at-home ones in previous posts, so I’m going to discuss medical ones here.

Rubber band ligation
Your doc will put a band on the base of hemorrhoid, thereby cutting off its circulation, making it shrink. But do not do it on your own. Only a doc knows how to do it correctly.

The doc will inject a chemical into your blood vessel to reduce hemorrhoids.

Infrared coagulation
Heat is used to reduce hemorrhoids.

If you want some natural relief that you can easily find in the market, you can get HemRid to fix your hemorrhoids in less than 7 days. But before you do anything, make sure you pay a visit to a doctor- just to be safe.