So I guess everyone searching for hemorrhoid cures has seen numerous sites talking about H Miracle being a hemorrhoid cure?  If you have purchased this B.S. then I know why you are on my blog looking for a cure.....because it didn't work.  You see, H Miracle is a digital product, meaning there is no medicine being delivered to you.  There is only an e-book(electronic book) that you download from their website. It is affiliate marketing at its best......or worst if you are the consumer.  These sites that you have been to about people complaining of hemorrhoids and all of a sudden being cured of hemorrhoids because of H Miracle are all affiliates getting commission from that product.  It is a Clickbank product and you can tell by looking at the link when you scroll your mouse over it. If you want an actual relief that comes with a money back guarantee, try HemRid. I used it a few months ago and I have not had a single problem since. It really is the real deal. After you get it, please come back to my site and let others know how well it works. A lot 

Here is an example: Do not click here. This is an example only.  Ok, I put a link inside the example text. Affiliates will disguise the link the same way to hide their affiliation. You can always find a Clickbank affiliate because it says "hop.clickbank1234" when you place your mouse over the link they want you to click. The word "hop" lets you know that you are being hopped over to another site from an affiliate site.  I know most of you are already aware of how you can tell, but there are some noobies that try the internet for the first time and get suckered in to this mess.  At one time I was one of those noobies, and look at me now...........I own a hemorrhoid recovery website!!  Wow I have really come a long way.  So what did you learn today.  Do not buy H Miracle.  I have heard a lot of pissed off people complaining that they never got there hemorrhoids cure and that they were out $37.  I would be mad too, $37.........That is like a 1/4 tank of gas! Haha. No really though, it is your money and the internet can be a dangerous place, so be careful and pay attention to detail.  

I know you actually came to my site for real hemorrhoid relief. And I do have one, but you must also learn to prevent them.  What I am trying to say is that you got hemorrhoids from bad eating habits which caused constipation and then caused you to strain while defecating(pooping) ultimately causing your hemorrhoids.  You get the picture. So with that said, read my first blog post and then take HemRid which is the only hemorrhoids relief I know that works in a few days.  You will see the link to the cure on my first blog post and on my home page.

   It is a remedy at and really is the only proven fix out there.  Even if you don't change your eating habits like I suggested, it would take a long time for the hemorrhoids to come back.  Some people have reported that they didn't change their diet at all and the hemorrhoids never came back.  This all natural product has actually been around for a long time, but you will not hear a doctor talk about it.  They just want you to keep coming back and also, this is an herbal remedy which the government will not do any paid research on.  I just wonder how many other aids besides HemRid are out there growing naturally in our world, ready  to be picked.  Oh well, what can you do. Don't stress out about it; you might make a hemorrhoid flare up haha. 

So, I got a little off subject.  The point of this post was to inform you that H Miracle will not cure hemorrhoids just like Justin Beiber will never be with one of you obsessive moms out there.  You know who you are and you give me the creeps. What? Do you think Beiber is just going to turn 18 and want a 40 year old woman. Come on! Ok, a little bit off subject again. All jokes aside, if there is a better solution out there than HemRid, then let me know. I have tried everything the doctor has given me with no success and all of these other top hemorrhoid cures website's top picks, so I doubt there is anything better out there.  Honestly, you can't get a better hemorrhoid product than this. The hemorrhoids go away after a few days, and that is pretty much what you want. So good luck and please leave me a joke on my hemorrhoids jokes page.  That would make my day!