Hemorrhoids- they are a pain in the butt! They have plagued mankind ever since time immemorial. And yet there are many misunderstandings concerning the problem and treatment. There are many clinicians who do not fully understand the anosrectal region and problems related to it. The best assistance for getting rid of these boogers would be HemRid .

What’s funny about hemorrhoids? Nothing… There might be many jokes about them, but suffering from hemorrhoids isn’t a laughing matter. They are a common illness and people of different age groups suffer from them. And many times they go without complaint. Why? Because generally people feel embarrassed to talk about them, and hence they suffer through it silently.

How can you diagnose hemorrhoids? If you spend sleepless nights with a pain in your heart, it’s love. When the pain comes from the anorectal region, it might be hemorrhoids. They will keep you awake all night and you will find yourself twisting and turning in bed. If you are suffering in silence then you are not the only one.

ASCRS (American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons) say that hemorrhoids are among the most common ailments found in both sexes. Chances are that more than 50% of the population will suffer from this disease, generally after 30.
This website is devoted to you- the silent sufferer. It contains carefully studied information that will help you say good bye to your problem.

Hemorrhoids can be internal as well as external. 
If you experience painless bleeding after bowel movements, it might be internal hemorrhoids. Other symptoms include severe itching around the anal area, accompanied by pain. 
With external hemorrhoids, you will feel a bulge at the anal region. They can also be painful and itchy, but sometimes, they don’t give general symptoms.

If you think that hemorrhoids will just go away without any medication, you might be right. But this happens only if the problem is very mild. If it is not mild, there is no need to waste any more time, because while you are sitting there, wishing them away, they are growing bigger and bigger.
There are a wide variety of options available in the market, and they mostly don’t work. And I bet you already know it. With the excruciating pain caused by them, chances are that you have already tried every formula in the book.

Let me tell you about some natural remedies that you might haven’t tried yet. Natural remedies are the best since you know they won’t cause any side effects.

1. Fiber
When you eat fiber, your bowel movement stays regular, and the stool gets softer. Thus it relieves you of pain and itching. If you want to get more fiber, there are several ways for that. Eat more vegetables and whole grains. You can also get supplements, like psyllium. It is a powdered supplement and is easily available. You can also try ground flaxseeds.

2. Bioflavonoids
They are a kind of plant that strengthens blood vessels and decreases inflammation. This stops bleeding and pain, thereby giving you huge relief. They are prescribed to people under an acute attack of hemorrhoids because they lower anal pain, discomfort, and any discharge. And since there are hardly any noticeable side effects of bioflavonoids , they are generally used as a safe and effective treatment for this disease. They are even recommended to pregnant women because they are harmless. But if you are taking tamoxifen to cure breast cancer, you should talk to your doctor before taking bioflavonoids. 

3. HemRid
This is one solution that has gained the trust of many people since it can relieve hemorrhoids in a matter of days. It is created using natural ingredients and there are no chemicals involved. It is to be ingested orally, and to get instant relief, you can also get HemSpray . Since the cream is freely available with the bottle of capsules, you wouldn’t have to buy it. Some ingredients of HemRid are Horse Chestnut seeds, Bilberry, and Witch Hazel. HemRid is the only proven remedy to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery. You can visit their site www.hemrid.com, or continue reading this post to learn more. 

4. Everything I just mentioned
Go through the ingredients of HemRid. All the herbs included in the remedy are known for their anti- hemorrhoid properties.

One last piece of advice for ladies before you start using medications- Make sure they are hemorrhoids and not ‘him’orrhoids… maybe it’s your husband who’s being a pain in the butt!